Holy Cow. It’s Scott

Howdy y’all,

Happy that you took the time (or clicked on something you regret right now) to find your way to my page.  Really not much to know about with me.  First and foremost I am a dad.  That is the best part of my life and why I highlight everything I do with that.  Now being a dad of a toddler I don’t have time for very many hobbies, unless you count tea parties which if that is the case I am super popular.

I also have been working in Residential Life and Housing on college and university campuses for over a decade.  It has its good days and bad, but it is a place where being a bit goofy and having fun are endorsed.  There is no place I would rather be.

Feel free to follow me on twitter at @higheredscott or http://www.about.me/HigherEdScott to see what shenanigans I will be up to next.

Take care and be safe


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